Design for print

Brochures, flyers, folders and product packaging.

Getting your message across with a brochure or flyer is a fine balance between images and text. By using eye-catching colours you can create a stand out piece. Struggling with copy and images? We can help you there. We have access to a whole range of stock images that don't cost the earth, as well as our own copy writers. We've designed a whole range of product packaging too.

Magazine advertising is a costly business, so your ads have to really stand out. We've been creating adverts for over 25 years – everything from pet exhibitions and educational conferences to orthopaedic products and everything in between.

We can design your exhibition stand graphics, pull-up banners, lanyards, posters, floor plans and screen graphics.

Logo design

If you're looking for a unique logo that represents your company or product, then we can create one for you. We'll make sure that it's fully recognisable at every level, whether used in printed literature or on the web. We find that less is more when it comes to a corporate logo, while at the same time making a statement.

Here are just a few of the logos we've designed over the years.